Since When Wearing Bikinis is Not “Legit”?

Bikini is now ‘legit’ in Bali beaches, but is it enough????

Why wearing bikinis should be ‘legit’ in the first place?

Since when wearing bikinis is not ‘legit’?

Doesn’t make any sense to me… What next?

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  1. Indonesia are not stupid. They know that to ban the bikini will finish off their tourism industry !! Seems they cast aside their beliefs for the lure of the tourism £/$

  2. I think the problem is more complex than that.

    Indonesians, especially the people at the island of Bali, are battling against porn bill that will punish everyone using sexy cloths.

    After several huge rallies, the policy makers are considering to ‘legalize’ bikinis in Bali beaches. The problem is, why should it be ‘legal’ anyways. Why should there’s a porn bill in the first place…

  3. I’m not sure but i think the governor has released an official letter to the president that the Balinese rejecting the bill to be implemented.

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