Seven Ways to Get Success Instead of Fail

Fear of being failure is strong. Sometimes it drive my head, while sometime i can overcome and get my success.

But human is fragile, need to be reminded. So I’m glad i found a cool article from Pick The Brain, 7 Ways to overcome the fear of failure and post it here:

1. Consider the cost of missed opportunities – You should at least try.
2. Research the alternatives – See if you can find the cost and the benefits of alternatives.
3. Put the worst-case scenario in perspective – If you feel that long, think again.
4. Understand the benefits of failure – 1 mistakes + 1 effort to recover = 1 success.
5. Make a contingency plan – It’s not the of the world, consider alternative plans.
6. Take action – 1 plan – action = zero.
7. Burn the boats – Keep going, don’t look back.


Author: Robin

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