Serious Air Guitar

I think this toy is more serious than the air guitar itself. Check out description below from Toys Brando:

To be serious, we are not sure whether it will become the New Standard of Future Guitar. No Strings, Built-in Speaker, IN & OUT Media Ports, Volume Controls, Pre-Loaded 10 Songs, etc. The Air Guitar PRO is using Infrared Ray to replace tranditional strings. SEVEN Buttons on the Guitar Front NecK from “C, D, E, F, G, A, & B”. FOUR Buttons on the side of the Guitor Neck to represent “Major, Minor, Augmented & Diminished”. You just Press the correct keys and “Swing” your finger below the guitar, Sounds come out. With the IN / OUT Media Ports, you can Plug in your Music Player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc) and Headphone, Enjoy your guitar playing everywhere you want, in the toilet, bath tube, office, travel in the train….etc. AND, Just Put more concentration on swinging the Air Guitar & Your Boby!!

And this is the product feature.

# Air Guitar Product Features Metallic Color Finishing: Metallic Black, Metallic Blue & Metallic Red
# Infrared Ray Transmitter
# SEVEN GUITAR KEYS: “C, D, E, F, G, A, & B”
# FOUR GUITAR CHORDS: “Major, Minor, Augmented & Diminshed”
# IN / OUT Media Ports: “IN” for Line-in the music player like, iPod, MP3, MMP, Computer, etc. “OUT” for Line-out to the Speaker, Amplifier, Headphone, etc.
# Built-in Speaker
# Volume Control
# Pre-loaded 10 songs: “Let it Be”, “Are you gonna be my girl”…etc.
# Work with Two AAA Batteries
# Functions: Musical Instruments, Guitar Player
# HxWxD(approx.): 20cm x 7cm x 3.5cm
# Shipping Weight: about 250g

I still think that air guitaring is for posers but this product will make you a serious poser which is not bad. At least i think it’s more fun than Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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  1. Air Guitar Pro can get real stale with only a few songs to strum to. The unit is not quite as responsive as you would expect. Personally, I think it needs to be totally redesigned. As it is, it is a guitar neck, ok…that sorta gets your attention. But what it does gets a little more complicated than you would expect. You have some options, like high and low volume for the built in speaker, and can use ear phones or a amp and speaker system. The unit works on two AAA batteries. The unit is rather cumbersome to handle especially for a small hand. There are 7 keys on the fret top side and four chord keys on the top edge. It is rather difficult to access both the keys and the chords at the same time. The thumb is hard to coordinate with the finger keys. There is a button at the end of the fret board that you push and a song will start that you can strum along to. Keep pressing the button to change songs. The strum activation takes place when you cross an infrared beam that is noted by a sensor on the sawed off bottom of the handle. To better understand what causes the strum activation to work, you need to just turn the switch on the back to on, and press one of the fret keys. Nothing will happen unless you press any of the keys. Hold the unit in front of you and pass your right hand across the bottom. You will probably get multiple strums. They will probably be bass strums. If you hold the unit flat in your palm, and take one finger and attack at a 45 degree angle from the side toward you, you can get a single strum. Wait too long while the finger is in front, and multiple strums will occur. Use a side button along with a key strum to get a minor chord or what ever. Now, the weird thing, if you curl your unit in your hand toward you when you make a bass strum, the riff will change as a slur to a high note. You can now attack from the other rear side and it will strum in high strings. To get a rapid key stroke, use a single finger right in front of the sensor. Some how, the unit senses its orientation to up or down to change notes.
    The unit is just itching to be super tweaked by some gadget freak on You Tube. It only takes about 7 screws to get apart and all the components could be transfered over to something a lot more ergonomic and fun to play. I think it would be a lot more fun to make this into an Air What’sit and get really good at it. As an Air Guitar, it is quite limited, but the basic electronics are waiting for the geeks. Go for it.

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