Sales Down on Recording Music

Here’s a study that indicates a rock band is becoming a rock brand. It was started actually from the beginning of the century where punk rock bands started to sign endorsement deals with boardriding related clothing and/or combining record deal with major labels: Blink 182 (also with major label) with Hurley, Pennywise with Volcom etc.

Now the bigger and wiser music stars, who was then didn’t realize the impact of a changing trends to their revenue streams, are also benefited from these sort of arrangements.

I remember when i was in a band, we were forever an unsigned band. We rejected offers from major labels in Indonesia but then we signed endorsement deal with Volcom clothing, just because their brand match our identity. We also found out that they treated us better than record labels, perhaps because we speak the same language. Small example: (i used to manage 3 bands who signed with SONY BMG): Volcom eventually call me back if i tried to call them, while i must beg to speak to Marketing Manager at SONY BMG. My bands might be a small part from major label revenues, but hey, at least we might help them paying their high profile lifestyle.

This might be my personal opinion or rather a Barnum Effect, but there are data at emarketer that shown sales on recording music are down continuously. This phenomenon has also happen here in Indonesia for years now. Now who’s to blame?

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