Rockstars Die Young?

I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday attitude may lead you to a shorter life than, say, an athlete. Well, maybe. But, scientists has just revealed their research on this health and rockstar lifestyle related issue just yesterday:

From suicide to drug overdose, murder to bizarre gardening accidents – the hallowed halls of rock legend are littered with fallen young men and women who took the phrase “live fast, die young” as more life instruction than metaphor.

Now scientists have penetrated the haze of trashed hotel rooms, coke-fuelled all-night binges and stories of never-ending promiscuity to uncover a cautionary tale for X-factor wannabes. Their conclusion: rock’n’roll seriously damages your health.


Well. You can choose what’s your priority in life. You can choose to rock or choose to live. Me? I choose both.

Complete story at The Guardian site here.

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