R.I.P. Lance Hahn from J-Church

Sad news. Lance Hahn from J. Church passed away last Sunday.

From Austin 360:

He was 40.

Hahn was best known for the prolific rock band J Church, which since its inception in 1992 produced dozens of singles, EPs, and albums of sharp, melodic songs mixed with punk attitude. As Hahn was quoted in 1995, “A lot of people write trying to keep track of all the records we put out. I can’t even remember.” (The band was only three years old at the time.)

Born in Hawaii, Hahn was of the generation for whom punk rock was neither a just a genre nor a passing fashion, but a way of looking at the world. “He claimed to be the first person in Hawaii with a Mohawk,” said his partner Liberty Lidz.

In about 1995, i used to work at independent music store. We usually sell band merchandise and posters. After one day my boss decided to start selling music records. Our first supplier was Mordam Records and among the bands is J Church. The band was one of the best punk band i’ve ever heard of its era. Their unique sound are often underrated and as you can see, they never become a high profile in mainstream punk music. But a good band is a good band.

My condolences to Lance Hahn.

Resources: Austin Music, Idolator, JChurch’s MySpace.

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