Reduce Your Drum Noise

From the product page:

Drumshhh™ are pre-cut, self-adhesive, foam-backed felt pads that attach to the face of Rock Band™ drum heads to reduce the drumstick noise.

Drumshhh™ pads offer:
– High-quality materials – we buy quality EVA foam and synthetic felt from commercial suppliers, not just from the local craft store.
– Felt screened for thickness, color, and defects – we reject felt that is too thin (a problem especially with craft-store felt), that has inconsistent color, or that has surface defects. If we wouldn’t want it on our drums, we won’t use it for yours.
– Cutting equipment modified for consistent, clean cuts – after testing off-the-shelf circle cutters from craft stores, we decided we needed a better way to cut consistent, clean circles every time. Our cutters have been modified to ensure precise sizing in thicker materials with a minimum of shredding. Felt being felt, some stray hairs are expected, but our results now are much better than when we tried basic craft-store cutters.
– Quality control – as mentioned above, we check our felt before using it, and then we check again before assembly to trim off stray hairs, and then we check a third time before shipment to be sure the layers are attached and aligned properly.

Here’s how Drumshhh™ Full-size black, for the “pro look”:


You can get yours here.

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