Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

I believe in formal education, it massively helped me discover my own entrepreneurial strengths and talents. Later, i can even help others to find theirs. But it’s true that you can’t send your kids to school and expect them to graduate as entrepreneurs. Bad teachers can of course discourage your kids, but if you can find school that fit your kids’ passion, it’s bloody awesome!

It is always helpful to understand, that parents still need to teach their kids themselves, even though they have send them to school. And if they expect their kids to be entrepreneurs, they have to raise them to be entrepreneurs, by giving them small entrepreneurial lessons each day.

Being close to your kids everyday is also good to spot what talents your kids have, then you can decide which path you can add your support and do your part as parents. It’s also important to remember, that parents must educate themselves first.

If you have 30 minutes spare time, please watch Cameron Herold present some key important ideas, on how to teach kids to be entrepreneurs. You can also bookmark this page to watch later.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    We’re with you in this respect. The internalization of entrepreneurship psyche DOES deserve greater attention from the entire elements of the nation. Mr. Ciputra himself emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship education that involves and encourages Indonesian children at a very young age to learn what it takes to be a real entrepreneur.

    We were fortunate enough to stumble upon your blog. We thought that it’d be great if you can share any of your entrepreneurial experience or knowledge or expertise on our newly launched site: http://www.ciputraentrepreneurship.com. Considering the meager number of entrepreneurs in our beloved homeland (less than 1% of the whole Indonesian population, to be exact), we’re fully aware of how critical it is to generate more entrepreneurs. Yes, more entrepreneurs to combat poverty and dependency upon foreign nations. We share the similar mission and we do hope both of us (we and you) can contribute something to help our ailing nation.


      1. Hi Robin!

        We just sent you an email so please read it. With all your entrepreneurial aptitude and experience, we expect to have you as a partner and resources contributor on our site.

        We look forward to your positive response.

        Thank you 🙂
        Have a lovely weekend!

  2. “Being close to your kids everyday is also good to spot what talents your kids have, then you can decide which path you can add your support and do your part as parents”

    Great line, and something to really think about and put into practice.

    1. Hey Nathan, glad you stop by! Yeah, that’s my daily worry. I’m in constant afraid of false supporting my daughter. I won’t change my work-at-home and quality time with her with anything in this world.

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