Prince Will Sue You and Many Others

Here’s a cool story from Techcrunch:

According to the BBC Prince is using Web Sheriff to demand that fans remove all and any album covers, images of him in concert and any Prince lyrics from their fan sites. Sites that fail to act on the demands should expect legal action to follow as Prince is claiming breach of copyright.

I do think Prince has lost a lot of money from the period he was famous until today the music 2.0. days. Somehow, i browse to the original article and found an debatable rather oh so right comment by a dude called faceloop:

Duncan, I agree with your take.

Since I am a huge fan of TechCrunch – do you think Mike would mind if I copy/paste all TC posts to a new blog and start selling ads around it?

Im not going to link back to you…but I am sure you guys will not mind since I am one of your biggest fans and I know you would not attack your fans! Its just content.

I think Faceloop has the point, i just think screening the whole web will be overrated, don’t you think? I don’t know man, this is just another good story which i do enjoy, TechCrunch rules!

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