Prevent a Firefox Crash

I’m a faithful Firefox user and many other Google (related) products. Everytime i connect to the internet using my Firefox, I’m feeling thankful to the people at Mozilla for inventing this great internet browser.

One of the reason why me and hundreds of millions other Firefox users is the free and cool addons. Many of these open source tolls are definitely make my internet experience enhanced. But lately i found my Firefox crashes often. Ok, maybe because my installed addons list is a super long list.

So yesterday, i found this useful article related to Firefox crashes in Cybernet. I remove these list of addons and now i found my Firefox running better. I hope the guys who invent these great addons will find a solution to this matter because to me, those are great and useful addons.

If you need to be updated to Mozilla’s newly updated features, you can subscribe to their feeds here at their site.

But anyway, thank you Mozilla for making my internet experience cooler than ever!

Author: Robin

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