Now Anyone can Read at Work

Read at Work is a fun geekery. The purpose of the website is to let people read at work and don’t let their boss know that they are actually reading and not working.

When you visit, you’ll be welcome by a Window start page designed web page and an instruction: To Begin, click your user name. Then you can click the user button that’ll lead to a full screen window, complete with folders and the taskbar.

The books are located in the folders, and you can choose from several categories. There are also default Recycle Bin and My Computer to make it look like real Windows but it’s actually not clickable.

When you choose a folder then click the file (it’s actually the book list), the web then process and show a Power Point start up, then soon after that, the book is opened which looks like a Power Point presentation.

The boss will think you’re working on your work but actually you are reading novel. That is jerky fun :D.

Found it via Computer Arts Daily.

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  1. I think more sites should be designed with this basic concept in mind, that way more people can enjoy their work 🙂

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