New Fresh Look of Rockstar Pundit

So this is the new look of Rockstar Pundit after a 3 hours makeover for the whole site.

The old blackened site makes me feel… black, but my posts (thoughts) is not always black so i’m thinking to remove all the black colors surrounding this blog and change it into white. I just felt more confidence with the new look even though this new template doesn’t seem to work with Internet Explorer. However i find 90% of this blog readers are using Firefox so, not to disrespect other browsers but Firefox is just too cool to left out. It’s a free and super cool internet browser anyway, that you download can download it for free at

Thanks for coming, talk to you again soon.

Update: I closed down this blog a long time ago and focus my blogging here.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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