My All Time Favorite Band T’Shirt

If i should put all my favorite band t’shirt on this blog, then the list will be huge. So instead, i decided to put my big 5 all time favorite. I listen to various musical bandwagon, but when choosing what to wear, i wear black. Yeah, I’m a metal head.Check this out, tell me what you think:

1. Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Master of Puppets was actually brought me into the metal music world. It’s the seed of my metal world.

2. Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction
What a pity. Guns N Roses used to be a band. A great band.

3. ACDC – Logo
Angus Young’s licks killed me.

4. Faith No More – Logo
The coolest band in the world. I mean, there will be no Korn without Faith No More.

5. SOD – Speak English or Die
Billy Milano is manic, but this album was cool.

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