MediaWiki 1.13 Release Candidate is now available

I’m running 2 MediaWiki sites and have been impressed with the results (read: collaborating idea).

Sometimes i feel it is too big for my niche’s wiki but why start small anyway… Main problem is, MediaWiki is by far is feel very much techie and non-techie niche will find it hard to master the software.

Question is, why non-techies should have wiki anyways :D. You get the idea, it sounds good 🙂

However, MediaWiki has announce the release candidate version 1.13.

Here’s some notes:

A release candidate for MediaWiki 1.13 is now available. Please try it out and tell us if it works for you. This is a beta release and is not recommended for use in a production environment (except if you’re really clever like us).

Selected changes since MediaWiki 1.12.0:

* New special pages: FileDuplicateSearch, ListGroupRights
* Special:UserRights and Special:SpecialPages have been redesigned
* More options on Special:Recentchangeslinked and Special:WhatLinksHere
* New parser functions: PAGESINCATEGORY, PAGESIZE
* Can hide categories with __HIDDENCAT__
* Friendlier behaviour for users who click a red link but can’t edit
* Image redirects are now enabled by default
* Drop-down AJAX search suggestions ($wgEnableMWSuggest)
* Search results show image thumbnails
* The search box in the MonoBook sidebar can be moved up by editing [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]
* Double redirects created by a page move can be fixed automatically

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