Mayday Mayday, Blog Visitors Down (While Others Grows)

Been at checking out’s analytics. According to, this site is down in terms of people count (visits), from estimated 1500 visitors in August to 1000 people in September.

I remember, last month was a busy month for me to build my music blog which anyhow grows seriously and bring 20.000 visitors in its first 3 months (yes that is somewhat cool).

Lack of posts lack of visitors, if you don’t want to see your visitors down, at least post to your blog once in a while. If i do so, please don’t stop visiting my site. If we’re in Facebook, i promise to send you Booze Mail :-).

More on this site’s snapshot is here. Get yours.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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  1. Compete is often underestimate the values of smaller site traffic. I prefer Feedburner stats, Google Analytics or even Alexa.

  2. I think Compete is in different use to Feedburner, Google Analytics and Alexa. I also use Feedburner Pro account to track visitors and of course Google Analytics. Alexa knows nothing about this site so i have no comment.

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