Living in The Workaholic World

Got this from Duct Tape Marketing Blog:

According to the 2nd Annual Staples National Small Business Survey (NASDAQ: SPLS), more than half of small businesses said that work has actually become part of their dreams. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said that they “sleepwork” (i.e. dream about work), and nearly 70 percent of those “sleepworkers” report they wake up and put their “work dreams” to action.

I think this is insane. In my busy times, i do sleep working. One need to work hard to achieve their dreams, but somehow one also need to keep their sanity at the right level. In such ugly times, taking some time off is not that bad. I do take time off from anything, like one at the end of last year. I am now feel much better and inspired more than ever. I am productive.

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