Lead Like an Entrepreneur

Tactics to make you a corporate leader—by applying entrepreneurial skills in your organization If you have spent your career in a corporate environment, this essential book teaches the theories and techniques that will make you thrive. Well-established, large companies often find themselves outwitted, outmaneuvered, and outperformed by entrepreneurs who know how to identify new market opportunities and exploit them quickly, effectively, and profitably.

Lead Like An Entrepreneur shows you how to foster innovation at the enterprise, market, operational, and unit levels and successfully compete in the entrepreneurial arena. Neal Thornberry explains how to identify, develop, and retain “value creators” despite the tendency of corporations to be conservative, risk-averse, and bureaucratic.

The book includes the Entrepreneurial Leadership Questionnaire (ELQ), a diagnostic tool that helps you find the path that best fits the situation of your organization—and forge your way to success.

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