Just Another Great Rolling Stones Concert

From Digital Spy:

Rolling Stones veteran Keith Richards has demanded an apology from two Swedish newspapers which printed scathing reviews of the band’s recent gig in Gothenburg.

An article in Expressen said the guitarist seemed to be “very drunk” during the August 3 concert, while Aftonbladet gave the performance a rating of two out of five.

He accused the press of abusing its power by failing to report with honesty and integrity, saying: “There were 56,000 people in Ullevi stadium who bought a ticket to our concert … How dare you cheapen the experience for them.”

While last month, Richard shocked the fans:

The guitarist fell over twice and nearly tumbled off the stage at one point of the concert, which was held at Finland’s Olympic Stadium. His bandmates Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood appeared to be unhappy with his behaviour, while some fans have also expressed disappointment.

“Mick and Ronnie didn’t look too pleased. Mick, at one point, had to hold on to Keith to stop him falling off the stage. And at another point he stumbled sideways and if it wasn’t for the rail he’d have fallen 20 feet into the crowd,” one onlooker, Paul Clark, told The Sun.

Some will think this is entertaining, some will think this stupidity. For me, as long as the band can finish the show, it’s just another great Rolling Stones concert.

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