IYCEY Music Finalists 2006s

I googled my picture and this one below came out. So i went to the original webpage and found this article from British Council. It’s me, the guys who wore black Volcom t’shirt. I was so fat & bearded. Hahaha. Well anyway, I think i saw this page once before but i never save it really on my hard discs.

Below is the list from my friends at IYMEY 2006. We posed after Yoris announced to be the winner. All are nice guys. It was a great experience. Thanks to British Council to make this happen.

Yoris Sebastian, 1972, is the creator of Hard Rock Café successful “I Like Monday” and founder-director of IP Entertainment. Winner of the 2006 IYCEY consolidated Music Award in the UK, he is now a full-fledged entrepreneur. The Goliath project is his new digital music venture in partnership with the UK music industry.

Alfiansyah (1973) is General Manager of Alfarecords, a music production, distribution, and retailer in Jakarta. The company started in 2001 partnering with a number of successful independent artists such as Sova, DJ Riri and Jamaica Café. It also licenses albums of various genres –from Mozart to Death Metal.

RM Dimas Widiarto Sapto Wibowo (1973) is owner and director of records trader and retailer Vociferous Experience in Yogyakarta. The company describes itself as a global independent distribution store with the educative mission to promote a culture of appreciating underrated records by trading collectible CDs and vinyls from UK, Spain, Japan, and local indie bands.

Fery Yuniardo (1976) is a Hip Hop Music producer, founder of Risky Records, and freelance music-video director. In 2000, he created www.hiphopindo that has since become the biggest hip-hop community in Indonesia. The site features new artists, events, and low-budget high quality music-video productions.

Junior Eka Putro (1977) is the music editor of popular youth and music magazine HAI. He advises on the Soundrenaline music fest and one of the creative forces behind the Dreamband reality show competition on TV7.

Petrus Briyanto Adi (1974) is a producer, composer, and musician of Cozy Street Corner. He was the founder, director and conductor of the Psychology Department’s chamber orchestra at Universitas Indonesia. He is currently the co-ordinator of Music & Values Education at the Gita Niti Para Samya Foundation in Jakarta, teaching young children creativity through music.

Robin Ch. Malau (1973) was for 10 years guitarist for Indonesia’s legendary hardcore band, Puppen. Having produced 3 self-financed albums in the early days of the indie music scene, he immersed himself to learn more about the business. He worked at surf, skate and independent rock music retailer Volcom in Bali before starting his own Soda Music Company in Bandung in 2003. Having secured records for its Rocket Rockers with SONY BMG, the company is now growing into merchandising and artists’ management.

Setya Hanindito Sidharta (1972) is A&R Director of Aksara Records. The Jakarta based recording company and studio first produced the compilation JKT SKRG and has since expanded to include artists such White Shoes & The Couples Company and Sore, rated as one Asia’s best album by Time Magazine. Aksara currently hold licenses for UK’s Beggars Banquet, which includes Tom Yorke of Radiohead.

Yonatan Nugroho, 1976, is owner and A&R of Prosound, Dian Records, and Trinity Production. The company runs its own recording studio, promoting and distributing albums by best-selling artists such as Ungu and Rossa. He is an active member of the Education and Development section of the Indonesian Sound Recording Industry Association.

Wendy Rostandi (1976) is Director of Prima Lintas Utama Sentosa (PLUS), the first company in Indonesia to provide music and audio-visual contents through mobile SMS distribution. With around 40 million mobile owners in the country this new business now contributes to half of all music sales, creating record earnings for new bands such as Peter Pan, Samson, and Ungu.

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