I’ve Been Doing This Forever

I chatted with my old friend over internet messenger. I criticized his business’s website and his current webmaster because i believe the site has been there in the internet for years but never reach the finished look.

He was kinda angry at me, and gave his f**k you attitude toward me and became like, ‘i have the best webmaster in the world, and i’ve been using internet before most people in Indonesia does’. I got nothing to say to him because that angered expression makes him look stupid.

He sounded more stupid when i told him on the chat that i had just read about Fusu and register myself in. Fusu was the Domain Stock Exchange who went public launch that day (i know about Fusu via Domain Name News, and i also learn that the initiative has just started 3 months earlier). You know what he was saying? “I’ve heard about that two years ago”. Lol, so Lol :-D.

I know I’m a rookie at this internet publishing business, as new as 6 months. Now i look back and see i have build dozen of blogs in very different niches & published 1000+ posts. It’s just, i am not lazy and i work hard to get where i am now (more to come for sure), while he and his gang is lazy and keep saying that they have been there for years that he knows more than anyone else.

Well in the end, it’s not ‘how long’, it’s ‘how you do it’ that counts. You don’t have to be the first to be the most successful at everything you do.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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