It’s my Birthday

Weird. I’ve been celebrating my birthdays for 35 times. Never been a fan of fancy birthdays, in fact i’ve never agree that a birthday is a special day until i met my wife. At least, i still believe that celebrating birthdays is beyond than just a reason to celebrate life. Today, i got 2 happy birthday text messages, 2 emails and some automated greetings from social networking sites.

Back in my music days, in this date, i will get like 300 text messages, and even greater when i was leading a company with hundreds of employees. But since i work at home starting last month, and i’ve decided to explore my inner geek, so i practically stop doing communal communalities thing and somehow ‘losing’ my  old friends.

I admit, this is not the most fancy birthday for me but strangely enough, i think this will be my most memorable birthday because this is the first time i actually celebrate my birthday.

Here’s some cool moments of today, and how our 9 month daughter Brooklyn steal the headline for most of the time :-D:

  1. My wife was the first to say Happy Birthday, while Brooklyn thrown up at exact 12.00 PM 10th of April.
  2. She put a magic candle on the birthday cake (she didn’t notice). These candles are not the best product idea in the world, but i just can’t put ’em off. That way i can have more than 1 wish :-D.
  3. We don’t go to dinner because usually our little Brooklyn messes up, so instead, we ate rendang and Padang food for breakfast (which kinda hardcore) and super delicious Balinese seafood at Jimbaran beach for lunch.
  4. It’s our daughter first experience of sand beach and sea water (we finally took her there). She had a very good fun and we took some very memorable pictures & videos.
  5. I tell a story about my birthday in the internet, i put a new category in this blog named ‘Myself’ and I practically take a day off.

So, i celebrate my birthday with my loved ones. I’m so happy.

Below some pictures. Cheers.

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