I Don’t Understand Why People Eat Sharks

But it was a cool Friday night, so nevermind…

I went out with an old friend, Rully from Suaka and his girlfriend Kat (we actually started – my first and his second – thrash metal band together back in 1991). So we went to this concert at the beach, and just before the top bands playing, we chilled at this restaurant at Kuta Beach.

We ordered some food and cold beer, and the owner of the restaurant are so proud with the fish they’re selling (well that’s fun, i guess), like this one below. Look at the size, enormous!

enormous fish.JPG

When we’re waiting for our orders, the owner showed us some other stuffs, like shark skull…

shark skull.jpg

and other fish body part (i am not sure what/which. It looks like a tail).

a tail of something.jpg

And when the enormous fish become my Fish and Chips served in a huge plate, it looks like below (and it tastes soooo good!) 😀

fish and chips.JPG

Then we went to the concert, and watch the band Shaggy Dogg and Superman Is Dead.

That was a cool Friday night. Cool food, weird fishes, the beach, old friends and freezing cold beers. Awesome!

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