I Am Happy

You know what. Last week is probably the best week of my internet life. Why? Because i was asked to maintain my old employer’s company website. No don’t laugh. I’ve been learn a lot about internet in the last 5 months, eventhough i have no techie background (i have music, language, business studies etc but never techie), at least i am determined enough to learn about internet.

Exiting week ahead, i even sacrifice (my wife agreed, she’s the best in the world!) my end year holiday to start up a new internet conspiracy company. Somehow, my old friends’ bands also ask me to maintain their websites. That’s 2 orders in the first month.

Also, the update from my new blog platform, bring me to understand more on how this internet/web publishing thing works. I am excited.

Update (1st February):

1. My old boss seems to hate me when i charge him over his other company’s website. And apparently seems not trusting me to hold all those website administration. Well, he gets this traumatic experience after cheated by his old employee. But, why can’t he asked me? I think he trust me, but his consultant don’t (i don’t trust him either), but in the end, my great respectable boss don’t trust me. Oh well, he don’t trust me.

2. Chicken pox blew my end year holiday. Great.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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  1. Thanks mate, i am thankful because they are nice to me. Hey The Boleh Blog is cool, been there earlier today through Jackbook’s blog (you know this already :-D).

    Hey i like TomYam soup alot, i have taste many style of them, especially at my visit to Pattaya and Bangkok 2 years ago. There is also cool Thai Resto here in Kuta-Bali.


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