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One thing i find out if you want to move your blog to WordPress, the first thing you should do is finding the right domain hosting. I use Dreamhost because from my point of view, it’s just better than anyone in the market. Then, before you decide to move the blog, choose a template. It’s a hard part.Unlike Blogger, WordPress theme market is super huge (you can check the theme market at the official site here or make a Google search for it). So, after experiencing weeks of confusion of choosing themes for my first self-hosted WordPress blog, i started this blog and my Manchester United blog by first find the right theme.

In general, WordPress themes can be divided into 3 categories. First, free themes which i use for my earlier blogs. Second, premium theme, that is a theme that you should pay to use while other people can also use. Third, custom template theme. For this blog, i use the second option.

The second option usually cost from $15-$100 for a single license theme while the custom template could cost $250 – up. Because of my lack of html/css coding knowledge, i waste most of my time configuring codes and browse into user forums instead of writing posts. So, i decided to buy a theme that in the end i can ask the designer for assistance configuring. I started searching for the most fit theme for me, design and price wise. Until i found this template from Armen Thomassian.

Armen is a young passionate designer from the UK who create this theme for charity. My family have monthly donation plan, so i figure that i can use this cool well designed theme by donating a very small amount of money and being a part of the charity. Well, what a good deal!

So i pay for the charity, contacted the nice guy Armen, then he send me the template file. If you see his blog, i copy almost all element from his blog to customize this theme. I am sorry, because i don’t know other way to do it. But i will try to figure out my own style later.

Anyhow, if you plan to buy a cheap WordPress theme with a good cause, you can check out Armen’s theme here, see the template (also available in 1 & 2 sidebar options), and read the cause. It’s great deal. You can donate for a good cause and get a cool well designed WordPress theme.

Happy WordPressing!

Update (Jan 6): I also say goodbye to Blogrush because apparently it’s useless.

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