How To Weaken Firefox Smart Location Bar

At first, i was amazed how Firefox 3’s new ability to capture my browsing habit by suggesting past URL browsed. Until, most of outdated addons are starting to be updated to match the new version. Now my favorite browser is back to its habit, slow loaded. So today i decide to give it a tiny make up, just to make it comfortable to me, by weaken (not killing) the smart location bar.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open a new tab, type about:config into the URL bar
  2. You’ll be prompt by THIS MIGHT VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Screw it, tick on Show this warning next time so it won’t show up the next time you screwing the configuration. You’re losing your warranty anyway 😀
  3. Now paste this: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults into the filter and hit enter.
  4. Double-click the integer and set it to whatever number you like to. The default is 20 which i think is too much. While setting it to 0 mean totally killing it, i set it up to 5 instead.
  5. Clear you cache (hit ctrl+shift+delete), tick only CACHE and hit CLEAR PRIVATE DATA NOW or simply restart your Firefox.

I like this new feature, as long as it doesn’t suggest too much. Now my Firefox still able to sneak my browsing history and suggest relevan URL in much comfortable way.

Author: Robin

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