How to Prevent Firefox 3 From Crashes

Well ok, as Fred suggest from my last post the best thing to start using Firefox 3 after installing is by having a clean profile. I did some google search and find this tip on how to create a new profile in Windows XP.

  1. Close your Firefox.
  2. On your START tab, klik Run then paste this firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  3. Create a New Profile and tick Ask When Start Up (so you don’t get asked everytime you start your Firefox).
  4. Then restart your Firefox.
  5. That’s it, start with a clean profile.

Before i did this, i can’t imagine that i can actually live using ‘clean Firefox’ as i have depend enjoy my browsing life with a lot of addons in the last couple of years. However, after starting with a new clean profile, i realize that i only need 3 addons to get on with my life. Those addons are FireFTP, Web Developer and Roboform. So i installed those 3 extensions and continue my life 😀

Now why are those Gravatars moving? Well apparently i need to tweak this blog’s CSS files to meet my new and cool browser standard 🙂

Signing off.

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  1. I followed the instruction. I did get my firefox working again. But the tip on creating a new profile isnt working. In fact nothing else is working. I cant even right click and go into my properties. I cant open my control panel. I cant even redownload anything. i keep getting an error message talking about system32 dll blah blah blah application not found. When I paste firefox.exe -profilemanager in it just brings up the window and asks me what program do I want to open it up with?? HELP!

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