How To Enjoy 9 – 5 Work

Here some cool tips from productivity blog Dumb Little Man about how to work 9-5 as well as enjoy it. There were actually 8 things pointed out by DLM, but i would like to make it my own list and shorten to 6.

Check this out:
1. Maintain Good Relationships with others
I have like 200 employees in my subordinate which located in 14 branches. Sometimes i can’t even remember their names in return of high rate of employee turnover (I’m a retail worker, come on…), but i always try my best and and introduce myself before and ask him/her to introduce his/hers so at least we can have a good start to communicate.

2. Take Pride in Your Work
Whatever i do for the company i work it for the best. I’m a proud employee.

3. Don’t Take Your Work Home
My wife keeps me aware of this. Very important.

4. Take your lunch Break away from Work.
This one i don’t do that much. Stupid.

5. Don’t Feel Guilty for Problems that are not of your Own Making.
How true. This was happened to one of my subordinate, this will bring you work shortfalls and lose your concentration while the guilty parties could wait for his next raise.

6. Spend 10% of Your Time doing something productive for Yourself
That’s why my blog is here and keep on running.

More in DLM’s site here.

Cheers & Thanks for the great tips.

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