Gibson Reverse Flying V Guitar

New model from Gibson, Reverse Flying V Guitar. This model features solid mahogany, v-shaped body, four ply pickguard, Kluson-style green key tuner, and retro style v-shaped gold tailpiece.

It looks cool but i am not sure about the comfortable of playing with a reverse Flying V body. But you can check it out yourself at Gibson Official Site.

Gibson Reverse V

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  1. The reverse V is not as NEW as many think. It was actually first used in a 1980s JUDAS PRIEST video, If you search YOUTUBE and search out ” judas priest breaking the law ” the OLD video, at the END a cop is playing a MOCK reverse V. ONCE AGAIN Judas priest has been ahead of there time,,,

  2. Hey Grant, honestly i didn’t know that. I can only remember Glen & KK using huge Explorer model when seeing them in my childhood. Thanks for the input, JP rocks!

  3. The boomerang pickups were more expensive to produce and required more costly routing to the guitar body, and a “V” groove to the fretboard.

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