Full List of 30 Trends in Digital Music

Just want to complete to complete the list from my previous post about Tech Diggest’s 30 Trends in Digital Music:

1. Ad-Funded Music.
2. Console Games With Music Downloads
3. Music Search Engines (i’m starting one)
4. Beatles Go Digital Speculation
5. Governments Crack Down on File-Sharing
6. Choose-Your-Own Pricing
7. USB Music Sticks
8. Record labels taking on iTunes
9. Old Bands Getting Webby
10. Joost and Online TV
11. DRM-free music
12. Artists moaning about iTunes
13. The industry plays whack-a-mole with BitTorrent trackers
14. Radio getting interactive
15. MP3 blogs cause a stir
16. The rise of mobile music
17. Bands giving music away for free
18. The UGC / karaoke crossover
19. The Net neutrality debate goes mainstream
20. When is a leak not a leak?
21. Unexpected companies distributing digital music
22. AllOfMP3 is dead… long live AllOfMP3!
23. Widgets everywhere
24. Music in podcasts… at last!
25. Cool viral promotions
26. Music and social networking
27. Legal battles go on, but do they work?
28. Music subscription services trying to prove their worth
29. Ticket resellers feel the squeeze
30. Will digital growth make up for CD shrinkage?

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