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I am struggling to customize Pligg templates because the theme structure is a bit more complicated. Unlike other CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or even MediaWiki, Pligg theme is not the easiest to customize. I run 2 Pligg powered sites, one of them started with a paid theme from the Pligg Pro Store. But even from the official support site, the template is ‘not that good’. I still need to put my hands, i mean put a lot of work, to the template before i feel it’s cool enough and looks different from other Pligg sites.

However, this morning i came across this site, FoxieWire, a dedicated all thing Mozilla news that powered by Pligg. The theme is basically modified default yget template but modified into a very cool one. Other cool Pligg site is definetely Design Float.

All in all, i love Pligg. Forget the rude Digg users, you can run your own niche social voting site using Pligg.

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