Firefox 3 Proxy Server Refused Connection Problem

If you playing around with proxy stuffs without knowing wtf proxy is, you might end up to a problem like me. Suddenly, my Firefox rejecting to connect to the internet. What a frustration seconds. However, i found out that a proxy app i tried out earlier set my Firefox’s proxy to ‘manual’.

proxy server refused connection

To fix it out, simply click on (updated by reader Red on comment below)Β Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings. Then simply tick a ‘No Proxy’.

That’s it, enjoy Firefox and the internet.

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    1. see i did that but then i couldn’t connect to the internet via other programs. what the hell?

    2. hi dude good article really helped me to get my net connection back..keep it up..thank u….

    1. Thankyou so much, i restored my comp to a previous state and after that firefox wouldn’t work.
      followed your instruction and it’s all back to normal again

      thanks thanks thanks!! πŸ™‚

  1. Hi Tommy, you might need to try creating new PROFILE. This post has a detailed instruction oh how to create new Firefox 3 profile.

  2. Hey thanks a million. My system had been down for 2 days and I googled to your fix. 2 minutes and sorted.
    Great. Bookmarking your page and will drop by often.

  3. Damn thanks your my hero….why doesn’t Foxfire have this in there help section offline….lol….keep rocking dude.

  4. !!!! Thank you !!!!
    I’ve gone without internet on that computer for 2 weeks now because I was too busy to stop and figure it out. But you’ve done the work for me. I appreciate your posting. Merry Holidays.

  5. thanks mate my sister in law asked me to sort this problem for her. yours was the first post i saw. awesome. sorry but i took the credit lol excellent post tho.

  6. Hey Robin – thanks this fixed my proxy problem but I have a new problem…”Failed to Connect.” WTF? I was just checking my email and Stumbling when it happened. Not messing with proxys, not changing any settings. Other computers are connected to the internet on the same server, whats the deal?

  7. Hey JWilliam, glad it works for you but also sorry for your failed to connect. I think you should just check your network internet connection then.

  8. Thanks, my freind did need this help! πŸ™‚
    You missed one thing out thought
    It’s Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings and then no proxy, you left out options πŸ˜‰
    A big thanks to you!!!

  9. I was having the same issue until I read your comment. Thanks for the help. Firefox now works.

    Thanks again,


  10. Thanks for sharing. I have used Firefox for well over a year with no problems on my Verizon Wireless broadband card. Then suddenly it stopped working mid session yesterday afternoon. I hadn’t “Played” with ANY settings. However, your “fix” works just fine! Thank you for sharing, I’m back in action! =)

  11. toh khodet qando nabati shokolati shokolati

    it means thatr u r so weet like candy can…

    shokran ya kebeer
    kollak 7arakat

  12. thanx alot
    u r de best of de best

    i have been searching for a solution

    and i found it at ur side at ur webpage

  13. Wow Im so glad for this posting I’ve missed firefox so much IE is pants!! thanks alot for this post!!!!!

    Thank you very much. I absolutely hate internet explorer, was near heartbroken when my fire fox was playing up. Cheers! x

  15. Thanks!!!
    while reading this article i found the way out of this problem, thanks again!!!!

  16. Thank You sooo much, its helpd sooo much, i can use facebook chat easier now! thanks ur a *!


    I had no idea what I’d done and I was absolutely freaking out without internet connection for the past 2days coz I needed to meet crazy deadlines…then I found this,
    Just. Thank You so much.

    Bless you.

  18. You are the best, many thanks, Hey, perhaps Firefox should consult with you about the simplicity of explaining!
    Thanks again!

  19. I used to have tech support when I had job and now I just google everything. Thanks for the tip–it fixed FF for me during the recovery of my computer melt down! πŸ™‚

  20. You saved my ass. thanks so much. i was going to reformat my whole computer. thanks for the help

  21. ok when i do this , it then says cannot find rar file and i stiil cannot connect, also typing firefoxe.exe-profilemanager into the run box did nothing, it says i was refering to a location thAT doesnt exist?


  22. thanks so much man. I heard that using a proxy server would let me use RapidShare a lot without it needing to make me wait, so ya this fixed it! Thanks!

  23. Thanks man, some virus reconfigured my firefox settings and having installed/uninstalled it a few times, I got frustrated. I had to google this through IE and finally got your site. This did the trick – thank for making my day and saving time as I though this is going to be a long fight. Thanks Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I think Firefox is great, but installed a new program and saw that same proxy message & no connectivity. Followed your instructions (number 1 on a google search!) and they solved the problem instantly! THANK YOU!

  25. FREAKING THANKS!!! THIS REALLY HELPED!!! ^_^ I couldn’t have internet for a few days if it weren’t for this!!

  26. Hey, thanks for sharing. I tried that, but after I did that, I refreshed the page, and it says that the adress can not be found. And according to the icon on my taskbar, I’m connected to the internet. Please help me, this has been a problem on my computer for weeks. Other computers work, except for mine. What should I do?

  27. No, it says the same for Safari, and Internet Explorer. Heres the EXACT problem.

    I’ve been having the same persistent problem with my internet connection. One thing, I’m not connected to the internet, since it says I am on the task bar. Then when I go to mozilla, it said that it refused proxy connection. Then I went to the settings, and chose No Proxy. Then I refreshed the page, and it said it couldn’t find the page. I’ve reseted the modem, and the router. I’m connected wirelessly, (PC) There are 3 computers in my household, and all but this one works. And another thing, my computer sends out packets, but never receives any. I even tried installing norton in case of a virus, but somehow, it uninstalls itself. So thank you to whoever can help me solve this long issue

    1. This post really helped me, I done a system restore atleas 13 times and this problem still kept popping up.. I couldnt change the proxy setting in firefox because every time I refreshed it, it would just go back to same setting and the same problem came up, but the I followed meriem solution IE worked, then I changed Firefox proxy setting and now it works… You guys are bad boyz

  28. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I was getting frustrated and was about to cry!! That was simple, and also VERY helpful.

    THANK YOU!!!


    its save my time, actually i want to reinstall this firefox..but the hero come and save me..thx a lot

  30. I’m at a friends house. He has IE (which sucks). I downloaded mozilla and went to run it and NOTHING happens. It won’t open at all. Absolutely nothing happens at all. No window comes up, nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled it 10 times. I rebooted each time and NOTHING.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Shal ‘ aam

    P.S., I’ve been using mozilla firefox in my two computers at home with no problems whatsoever for years.

  31. omg thank u so much!! iv been working in windows explorer for the past 3 months bcuz i cudnt figure out what was wrong with my firefox!! ur a life saver. thank u!!

  32. I had the same kind of problem with getting proxy server refused connection, I contacted my isp and they said to put it on no proxy setting on the tools/internet options configure how Mozilla connects tab that didn’t work for me, it continued to revert back to the same message “proxy server refused” . It was frustrating. What I ended up trying was uninstalling and reinstalling Mozilla and that seemed to work for me so far so good . I hope this helps someone:)


  33. Hi. Firefox stops connecting all the time – once a day at least. IE8 works just fine. I do not have proxy settings checked, created new profile, cleared cache, ensured firewall does not block, etc. based on many suggestions I saw on your site. Are there other reasons why the only way I can get Firefox to work is if I restart my computer? Restarting Firefox does nothing. Although IE8 works just fine, I do not like using it. I have Windows XP. Thank you!! Anissa

      1. Thanks for trying Robin. I have created a new profile, reinstalled, etc. It does not happen every day now but about every few days. It’s rather irksome to completely restart my entire computer as this seems to be the only thing that works as I dislike IE & some of my programs aren’t compatible. Oh well, appreciate your efforts.


    You’ve saved my life! Thank you-thank you-thank you!

    Hubby uses my laptop a lot and this happened to his account. I’m so glad I could Google it and find YOU! I fixed it in seconds. When I told him I had fixed it and he asked how, I told him it was because I was smarter than him.. LOLOL Of course I was joking, but he agreed. I haven’t yet told him that I found your blog and instructions. He-He..

    You’ve made my day! : )

  35. Thank you so much!!!! I have had the hardest time trying to rid my computer of this annoying virus and then had the proxy problem to top it all off! I think I’m finally out of the woods!

  36. thx sooooo fukin muchh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  37. Hey, I’m having this problem, too and was wondering something.
    Doesn’t setting it to ‘no proxy’ mean your computer has no protection?
    Thanks in advance.


  38. I was just about to wipe my computer too! You really are appreciated for sharing your KNOWLEDGE and saving me major heartache!!

    I cant thank you enough.

  39. I just helped a friend by unlocking a proxy command and became a “hero.” Thanks for sharing

  40. Thanks forever, man — you are right – I played around with proxies without knowing what I was doing, heck you probably figured out that iam just a dumb user — sadly, I live in a country where i do not have a choice, but to play around with them. I will educate myself, though – e nough is enough:)

    Thanks again,

  41. Unreal!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much. Been workin for two hours and your advise took me 30 seconds!!

  42. oh , i solved it ! there was some virus that made ll the search engines like this.. but my google chrome , opera and safari still could not work ._.

  43. God bless you! I have been through a week of hell and calling my DSL server and doing everything they said and using malware and deleting and installing Firefox several times and was so pissed that only the Internet Explorer would work. You are a Godsend!!!!

  44. Thank youu sooo much!! I messed my computer up and I had NOO clue on what to do and you just saved my life!

  45. I acc love you, lol i had this problem with aurora and gave it a go and it worked thanks a bunch πŸ˜€

  46. Thanks a lot. It worked. I don’t know wtf is the use of proxy server anymore?!! πŸ™‚

  47. Ive change the proxy setting to no proxy but every time i try to click on link to google or something it goes to another webpage that has nothing to do with the search. And it also does the same thing when i go to my school website and try to click on a link from there it jumps to a different website. So i was wondering if you can help me fix this problem.

  48. This helped alot and fixed the problem. Very easy instructions to follow. Thank you!!!

  49. Thank you so much for this post!! You’ve just solved my problem, within 2 seconds!!

  50. Thanks I had a client computer that he dropped off doing exactly that. Have not had that issue before. apparently he thought that was where you put in your new ip settings as opposed to ipconfig, lol.

  51. So as easy as this sounds I have the updated Firefox and i don’t see tools. … I need step by step help

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