Drawing The Planet using GPS Device

Update from the project website that this is a fictional project. I don’t feel cheated because i still think this is brilliant idea and hopefully somebody can make the project happen. Congrats to Erik Nordenankar that has successfully create the buzz.

The artist drawn a self portrait by sending special GPS device in a briefcase around the world. The path GPS device works as artist’s pen and with a designed instruction to DHL, the path generate his self portrait on earth.

Update: Soon after i published this post, i remember one of my friend who always interested in this kind of projects. I easily find him at IM and let him know about the project. Apparently, as the project’s name said, it’s THE BIGGEST DRAWING ON EARTH, and not about GPS drawing as this post’s title said. Of course it was done by GPS path, but the artist is talking about the scale of the project, which is, super duper massive. Back to my friend, he also has a GPS drawing artist friend that once cycling around Las Vegas in which the GPS path drawing a $. So, GPS drawing is not new, even though it’s new for me and make this night exciting finding that. Hehe.

I am not sure how on earth he can get the idea. Click here to visit the project site. Super brilliantly done.

Via Minding The Planet.

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