Does Your WordPress Theme Plugin Friendly?

I’ve been messing up with dozens of WordPress Themes, either for my own blogs and lately for my client’s blogs. Lately i’ve been experimenting by converting a CSS template into WordPress template. When i finished my first template, i was like, OMG i can make a wordpress template by my own, but then, i found out that some plugins are just not working in my template, especially PodPress.

By doing a simple Google Search i found this post by WordPress Expert who can answer my question. A plugin friendly WordPress template must include the following codes:

1. Header

Can you find these codes before the </head> closing tag?

<?php wp_head(); ?>

2. Sidebar

Find these codes in the “Meta” section of your sidebar:

<?php wp_meta(); ?>


Try to find this before the </form> closing tag:

<?php wp_meta(); ?>

4. Footer

Look for these codes at the bottom of your theme

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

From my own theme as an example, after i snipped these codes at its places, the theme is going alright with any kind of plugins that i install, especially the very cool PodPress plugin.

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