Do You Claim Domains?

I just did. This free domain provider (read: subdomain) is very popular in Indonesia. I’ve seen many people use this domain and i believe the reason is because it’s free. People like free things 😀 (I do love free things but mostly i pay to get more free things!).

Anyhow since the nature of domains are free i wonder if anyone can take anyone’s domain just like that. Just like claiming email IDs, twitter account etc. So yesterday i took 3 of my main domains that i also bought its other TLDs and forward it to the .com’s. Just to make sure i own the id so… Yes, so i claim it. It’s important for me.

At their website, I think i saw there are 323.000 more domains are already claimed. It’s not top level domain i know but in case you don’t want to see other people taking your name then you can sign up. It’s free so you got nothing to lose (there’s also affiliate program).

However, in case you are serious about getting free domains from, the registrar also give you free DNS host. That means you can modify and customize it’s A, MX and Cname records. You can even use Google Apps with and host your for free and even blogs (you’ll need to buy credits if you want to use

You can sign up and claim your domain for FREE here.

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