Do We Need Another SEO Blog?

Source: WikipediaThe first SEO blog i read was Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. The reason was not because i interested in SEO (i didn’t know WTF is SEO), but because of his blog design. To me, is truly the best damn blog in the planet. So i subscribed to his blog, read his daily thoughts, that lead me to more and more SEO blogs.

Most SEO Blog i know are mostly techies and make a living by selling Google related news. These blogs are written by techies and read by techies. I mean, SEO is surely technological but most SEO blogs are all about tech industry. However, the internet market is dominated not only by the tech industry. (You can check Stumble Upon buzz for example).

I didn’t realize how big the search industry was until i read SEO blogs. I didn’t even know that i can apply some strategies to get my sites into the first SERPs, until i Google myself. I found several stupid (back then it was cool :-D) websites that has my name on it. That’s when i decided to learn something and clear my name at least at the first 3-4 pages of Google’s SERPs.

Back to SEO blogging. Do we need another SEO blog? My answer is yes. Here’s my list of reasons:

  1. SEO is not a rocket science and applicable in non tech industry.
  2. Internet market is beyond tech industry.
  3. Localized Search is a growing field.
  4. Local people read local language, apply local techniques, and search for local business.

Therefore, last week was my first experience in SEO blogging. I took part in Aaron Wall’s Spread SEO Goodiness and Peace project. The project was simple, worldwide SEO Book readers were invited to write the famous article Blogger’s Guide to SEO into their language, and every language finished, Aaron will donate $50 to Amnesty International. I take part in Indonesian Language.

It’s awesome, when you really ‘read’ an article using more than your eyes,  in this case your brain and your hands involved, you can get deeper into the topic and learn more. It’s amazing because i always consider myself as an SEO retard. But by reading the article, i found out that i already applied some of Aaron’s suggested techniques and some of my blogs are improving its ranks. The fundamental different is, by reading his well structure article, i can have more structural step by step knowledge on how to apply decent SEO techniques for blogs. Now that’s what you can call SEO :-D.

So i make up my mind. I’ve setup my own SEO blog. Written in Indonesian Language, and will cover beyond tech industry SEO. At least in my niche, where i do web design, life loving Manchester United, Boardriding and Pranks. Anyway, before i start to continue to talk about the new damn blog, guess who will be my guest post in the next article.

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