DNS Cache Poisoning Attack

Saw this at BBC Click yesterday which has posted at their website today.

This might be too techie to let common internet users understand about the recent flaw in the internet’s addressing system known as cache poisoning attack (other example: explain why internet user should better not using Internet Explorer, their default internet browser).

So perhaps this a quick explanation can explain the whole situation (via):

Recently, a significant threat to DNS (Domain Name System), the system that translates names you can remember (such as www.robinmalau.com) to numbers the Internet can route (.. … … … – IP Address) was discovered, that would allow malicious people to impersonate almost any website on the Internet. Software companies across the industry have quietly collaborated to simultaneously release fixes for all affected name servers.

Now check out this video which is the visualization of DNS patch deployment over the past month (very cool visualization by the way – found via Webmonkey). Note that Red = not good, Yellow = Good but not save, Green = OK.

Seems like everything is ok now. But, are you sure that your ISP server is not vulnerable to these criminal attack?

To make sure, check out by yourself here (click on Check my DNS at the right sidebar).

If you haven’t done so, sign up (FREE) and start using OpenDNS.

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