Custom Domain Error Updates

I posted the initial story in my music blog. So i just want to keep this story going.

Today, i tried to buy a hosting plan recommended by John Chow. When i first read the blog post, i suddenly went to the link and email the hosting provider (to the sales dept.) and they replied to my email, like in 15 minutes, answering my questions. But as soon as i paid the host plan, they (sales dept.) keep forwarding me to support dept which is very common, support dept. usually reply your email very very late.

By far, i’ve changed the nameserver to the new hosting company but, i can’t access the wp-admin which always it leads me to 404 blogger error. So i confused and stucked.

I went to initial blog post from John Chow dot com and posted a complaint (sorry John). Because all i knew it was you who lead me to the hosting company and i hope they would listen to you more than to me.

For comparison, i usually bought domains from GoDaddy and their customer service is faster and awesome. GoDaddy, for whatever reason, usually reply your email in 2 hours at the most.

Well perhaps i just have to wait sometime longer (longer than i thought) but I’ll keep you updated. As well as the whole blog moving process.


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