Cool Tool : DNS Pinger

This tool come right on time when i decided to move another blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress.

When updating DNS (changing servers etc), most of the times it’s just painful to wait up to 72 hours just to see your DNS propagate to the internet. The thing is, it might happen anytime soon and you wouldn’t notice. I usually wait and check back often just to make sure that the DNS is updated. It’s a waste of time, really.

However, the good people at WebResourceDepot comes to rescue. They provide DNS Pinger to save webmaster’s time. DNSPinger is a web-based tool that pings the website you mentioned every 3 minutes for 24 hours and e-mails you when the Ip is updated (new DNS is activated)..

Here’s the address:

Now before the DNS is up, you can sit back, tweet or open your RSS Reader.

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