Cool Indonesian Metal Band

I used own and run a music management company which is now history. In our days, we used to manage 3 rock bands. One of them is Burgerkill. We helped the band reach its past success, and be the first metal band who signed with Sony Music Indonesia (before the merger with BMG) and become the winner of The Best Metal Production on Indonesia’s main music award. I never been in contact with them ever since i moved to Bali except this year’s Lebaran (Moslem’s biggest holy day), that we exchange greetings and everything.

Just before i switch my laptop on today, Ebenk, the mastermind behind the band send me text message announcing that Burgerkill had just launched their official site.So i went to their site and found a cool metal style music/band website.

If you want to know Indonesian finest metal, then i recommend you Burgerkill (there are more, of course) but i think Burgerkill is the most fit in term of Finest Indonesian Metal Band. This is not advertising, not a paid link and not because i used to work with the boys. Actually, i worked with them because i love their music.

You can check them out by visiting their site here, their YouTube page here, MySpace page here and profile in Purevolume site here. I also uploaded their music videos on my video blog here.

If we’re in Facebook, i’ll buy the boys of Burgerkill booze mails. Something hard like Whisky. Of course, this is metal.

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