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I’m a start up internet publisher, and i also work with Commission Junction’s network advertisers. Once i found out that Inc was one of CJ’s advertiser, i apply to their program. Apparently, they only work with American publishers so i was rejected. I felt ok because it was a standard procedure that i can overcome, but then i was rejected too to their newest launched program Entrepreneur Assist.

As a big fan of Entrepreneur magazine, i was disappointed. So i sent them email subjected ‘Am I rejected To Your Site??’. The next day, their VP of Web Development replied to my email directly. His name is David Pomije. He’s a nice and a very helpful guy. He guided me through the process of signing up to Entrepreneur Assist and how to set up my computer tools to be fit with their protocol.

Anyhow, Entrepreneur Assist is helpful as well. I think you should signed up for this great service, it’s free anyway. They are collaborating with Zoho as you can see at demo video above. So I’m happy to be a fans of a cool company, Entrepreneur Inc. Can’t wait to have my next copy of Entrepreneur Magazine.

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