Comments on Digg Will (Not) Kill You

I digg another article from Guy Kawasaki’s Blog today. This is my second time to digg. To be honest I was not sure how this site works, after I found out that my first digg (on another Guy’s article) generates 16 comments. I browse through their comments and found out that most of them are just hatred & curses on my stupidity (or things they disagree).

Somehow people can’t dig real contents of your stories if you don’t make the right foreword & titles (some did & thanks!). I believe that Guy Kawasaki (and Tim Berry) deserves more than these stupid comments from spammers (original article generate 709 dugs anyway!!).

So if you have a blog or a blog reader, then I suggest you to do these:
1. Sign up for a account (for bloggers, sign up for Feedburner account and put a fleedflares with a digg it! button (like one at the bottom of this post – so people can digg your posts).
2. Digg any blog posts that you dig. Somehow you can make it popular, like i did.
3. Put some comments on it. You don’t even need to be right, if the article is right (well, it’s ‘your best in the world’ if you digg it anyway?).
4. If you don’t come from English speaking countries, just write something. If it hurts, don’t stop writing. Trust me, somehow you’ll find your groove.
5. Digg this article.

For complete comments I received, you can find my digg account at this link. Perhaps you can learn from my stupidity and the impact of a wrong English written reviews :-).

Thanks & have a good day.

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