Been Away Lately Figuring Out WordPress

For my subscribers, i am sorry for the lack of post lately. I’ve been away from Blogger figuring out further on how WordPress work. Here’s my two cents so far:

1. Themes
It has been confusing because unlike Blogger, where i host this blog, you can find gazillions of cool free templates (themes) in WordPress. So, rookie WordPress user like me can get out of mind only to decide which theme i should use for my blog (s). Because in the end, among those cool themes, i can only use one of them for each of my blogs. Lately I am trying to put my mind and try to decide to buy a premium theme (a paid theme that other people can also buy and use it in their blogs). But unlike free themes, it came with tutorials & further knowledge about using the theme. I hope i can explore WordPress even more more using these tutorials.

2. PlugIns
By far, i think one can do anything with WordPress. The world has known WordPress as a blogging platform. Actually it is beyond that. I think WordPress is a CMS (content management system). Anyway it’s so cool to find their huge plugins library. I don’t think i should use them all in my blog (s), but in the mean time, installing and uninstalling plugins keep me busy (remember when you first use you Firefox? More addonns anyone?).

Anyhow, WordPress is great. I even heard (sorry i don’t have the link) that the company only have 18 employees. Man, in terms of productivity & outcome, that is the most effective business organization i’ve ever heard! One of them even still has time answering my emails and my stupid questions.

I love WordPress. I am proud to recommend it to you.

Have a nice weekend and Cheers !

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