Art of Work at Life Mobile Version

I’ve been so frustrated to reach this blog through my PDA phone. It loads so long and it looks stupid. Lately, i’ve been curious about making this blog a Mobile version.

I googled some words and found MoFuse. They have free account level, so heck i tried it out. The basic is, the mobile version is only contain this blog’s feed. But if your blog is into into writing with less videos, picture etc, creating a mobile version via MoFuse free acount seems to be quite effective.

They also have pro account with $6 a month that can add pro features into your account such as your very own custom domain, logo and even able to monetize your content by splitting revenue with them 50-50 (hmm… might need some more thoughts about this).

You can check out The Art of Work at Life mobile version here (best viewed using mobile phone).


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