Are You Human? Sorry We Have To Ask…

Speaking of Indonesian Facebook users, i’ve just added one dude as a friend because i found him post a message in music forum. Then he sent me message asking, ‘where do you know me from?’ I answer his question politely because i wouldn’t mind to have more friends from the internet. Of course, why not.

But then i was like, i thought we’re at the internet, at the networking site. It’s like, you try post 50 posts a day and blogger had to ask you to verify before you post while other networking site often ask when you signed up: Are you Human?

But in the end, he add me as a friend. How lucky i am.

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Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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  1. I think that’s why Facebook has option to verify before you add any new friends?????

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