Another Update from My New Blog Platform :-)

Well, i am now an experience wordpress user. Lol. No, i’ve passed my first day as a WordPress user & i am excited. Apparently, compare to WordPress, Blogger is super easy to use.

Before i got into blogging in Blogger, i used to design and developed my band’s website. So i now some Frontpage and FTB publishing basics. But since i know Blogger, i left those ‘old’ stuff. Now i am back using it and how this new blog system work is apparently quite simple.

All you need is Microsoft Frontpage and an FTP software. Go back and forth from WordPress dashboard to FTP software, to Window explorer finding those editable PHP files, publish it through ftp and refreshing the blog (I don’t know how to describe this best, at least i keep my promise to update the process :-P).

WHATEVER. Here comes the update. When i tried to migrate my blogger blog to wordpress, i think Google block the access to my Blogger account from WordPress. So i decided to use a super shortcut. I created a new account, imported all posts and comments from my Blogger blog, and export it into an XML file. Then i sign in to my new WordPress (people might call it or something, i am not sure, i am a rookie) and imported the xml files, then it’s done. I’m done migrating my Blogger blog to WordPress. I am not sure whether this is the perfect way to move your blog to a new platform, but that’s what i did and it works until i realize that my YouTube embed posts are all gone LOL. Whatever, i can embed it back one by one eventough it suck!

But, i still have some fun browsing through new templates and have fun perplexing some programming details. Dude, i’m a user and i am stoked! More updates later.

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