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analytics app fail loginI bought AnalyticsApp with high expectation, but apparently the app doesn’t work for me. Although i prefer to have the app in my iPhone rather than get my $5.99 back, i finally email them today and ask for purchase refund. They refund my purchase in like, 20 minutes.

Here’s my original email (i also forwarded the purchase receipt from iTunes and 2 screenshots when i failed to login):

Dear AnalyticsApp,

I am happy with al the previews and reviews of your app, until i bought it.

It’s not working. Everytime i try to login to my Google Analytics account, it says Unable to Login – Bad username or password.

I tried everything you suggest on your site but still not working. I even try to uninstall and reinstall, i even try to restore my iPhone. I’ve been trying this for almost 2 weeks but i think i have it enough.

Sorry for this, i know your app have a lot of potential, supposedly solve my problem, and is working to people out there. But not for me.

Please refund my money to my paypal account at

Thanks and i hope you can continue to have your success.


Then they immediately replied:

Hi Robin, I’m sorry for the issues. I’ve sent the refund.

We’re working hard on a new update that is a total rewrite of the app using the new API. It fixes the problem and will make the app more dependable going forward. It should be available for download next week.



And this is the receipt:

Analytics App refund

I’m sure the app have a lot of potential, so i’ll keep my eyes on their future release. If they release the new stable version, of course i’ll buy a copy. Why not.

By the way, thanks!

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