An Internet Journal

This is what blog can do best, as a journal. This week has been a busy week for me as i come closer and closer to launch site for web development business. I also survived my first experience on NYEPI day at home. It was boring at the beginning but i found some reliefs at the same time. Thank you Bali for Nyepi day.

To my work. I have just realized, that i’ve changed the design for the business site like 10 times or more just this week. Later on, i found myself nervous. Lol. Yes, nervous, because it’s different than any other sites i manage. It’s gonna be my main business site. However as my dateline come closer, i think i made my mind today on how the design will goes. Heck i don’t know, i’m going to sleep as soon i publish this post and i’ll see how the design get burning up my mind tomorrow morning.

As long as coding and tweaking goes,  i have tweaked 2 of my sites a bit (it’s located here and here), and for the first time, my Indonesian music blog get a raised on PageRank :D. However, it supposed to be heavy looking music site, but later i realize that it’s too pale. So, it looks stronger now.

I am also looking forward to build my first mobile website, as i checked out that all my sites look terrible in my PDA (that hidden H1 is actually appear in mobile phone, lol!). I also plan to finish some design works for my clients and friends. A dateline is next weekend. So surely another busy coding and tweaking week is now ahead of me.

Now it’s late in Bali and I’m so tired. So nighty night internet. I hope you can fix my eyes so i finally decided on my main business site design tomorrow.

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