A Crucial Lesson on Domains

I’m a rookie domainer. I started domaining & making websites/blogs at 2006. I started out by having 5 domains. RobinMalau.com was my first domain (surely!). Since then, I was going off off the internet for about 8 months and back to blogging in June 2007. Now, I have like 30 domains and manage half the number of blogs/websites for myself and my friends.

For the last 7 days, I help a friend to build his band’s website/blog. He has a huge number of inventory (read: materials, pics, songs, concert archives etc) but never has a website. His ex girlfriend bought him a domain years ago but since they broke up, the domain was left unprotected.

Well, for this project, the hardest part was to regain its .com domain back. I am surprised with the lack level of awareness of my friends about their band/business domains. I saw cool bands lose their .com names because lack of understanding that they lease a domain by paying a super small amount of money annually. Most of these domains were thrown back to the domain market (mostly bought by domain brokers) because it was left expired by its initial registrar.

Oh well. Since the presence of the internet become more and more important for your brand (read: business), the first lesson you should learn is: never lose your domain name.

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