About me

Robin MalauGreetings! I’m Robin Malau, calling San Jose, California, my home.

This platform is my blog, where I share my thoughts and perspectives, independent of any affiliations to my current employer, clients, or the companies I collaborate with.

Originally hailing from Indonesia, I embarked on a new journey, transitioning to the U.S. in the summer of 2018. I welcome you to my blog as I reflect on this journey and much more!


I’m an accomplished professional residing in SF Bay Area with a proven track record spanning various sectors. Over the past four years, I’ve had the privilege to contribute to and learn from renowned organizations, including Google, Amazon, and Tesla. In addition, I’ve expanded my repertoire by working with specialized startups such as Trove, Protein Simple, and Hyve Solutions.

I hold a graduate degree in business management, and my pragmatic experience, coupled with academic learning, has allowed me to adapt and excel in diverse work environments. This synthesis of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience has solidified my proficiency in managing dynamic teams, optimizing workflow, and driving business growth across different industries.

From Indonesia to the United States

I started my career as a professional musician in Indonesia. My band released our first self-produced, self-distributed, self-financed album when I was 21. My entrepreneurial achievements in the music industry landed me honors such as Rolling Stone’s 150 best Indonesian Song Ever and Indonesia Music Award (AMI Awards) in 2004. In 2006, I was short-listed on the top 10 British Council’s Young International Music Entrepreneur of the Year award, and in 2014, I brought home the Young Creative Entrepreneur award. I also part of Reviewer of Mapping & Development Planning for Music Industry at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia.

After a stint in corporate managerial positions, I started my own digital marketing consulting company and later became a lecturer. I then founded several startups, including Musikator, a music/content aggregator that offers digital global distribution, and Konserama, a B2B creative travel agency.

I gained skills in entrepreneurship and corporate management, music business, and WordPress, and has expertise in various computer programs for office, design, web development, and entertainment. I completed my graduate studies with a Magister of Management degree (MM) and an Entrepreneurship Management thesis.

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