Lifestreaming as you probably know already, is basically the real-time flow of your online activity across various websites.

Although video below mostly talk about Microsoft Windows Life, that will soon add lifestreaming capabilities, the presentation from CommonCraft explains the concept of Lifestreaming in plain English.

I guess lifestreaming is getting more and more important. You can also notice that there are plenty new WordPress themes out there aim to integrate lifestreaming to personal blogs. Moreover, if you want to have a self hosted open source lifestreaming app, you might want to try Sweetcron.

I myself prefer integrates my own lifestreaming using websites like Dipity, Friendfeed or MyBlogLog and read its feeds through my feed reader.

I had just unsubscribe to all 1817 blog feeds in my Google Reader and I feel so good.

It’s not that I plan to quit reading blogs, because I know I can’t, but lately I read too much, I know too many then I worry too much.

I guess I need to start all over again. I knew that I didn’t even read some of the feeds I subscribe to but I keep it in my feed reader because it’s just already there and too afraid to unsubscribe.

However, I had just installed FeedDemon, and plan to stop using Google Reader and I guess I will start all over again.

Fresh. New. Unsubcribe, then Subscribe back. Using different tool. You know what i’m saying…

I’m excited!

I think i put some wrong codes somewhere that makes those strings came out, but i’m not sure. How could this happen? What, Where, Why & How?

I don’t mind subscribing to blogs with excerpt feed as long as i really like the content. It’s a decent tactic to bring readers to the site rather than staying at their feed reader. I don’t mind, really. But ever since Adsense for feed rolled out, what left on these blog excerpt feeds are several (mostly unformatted) texts and a Google ad!

That’s jerky and not fun! I unsubscribe!